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It may come as a surprise to some of you, but the fastest and most effective way
to transform your body and ignite the fat burning process 24/7 is to strength

You didn’t think you could get in shape only by running for hours and
hours on a treadmill to nowhere, did you? Our goal with strength training, also
known as anaerobic exercise, is to increase our muscular strength and to add as
much lean shapely muscle to our bodies as we can.
And why do we want to add muscle? Well, it is attractive to look at, increases
bone density (especially important as we age), and a muscular body burns far
more calories at rest each day than a body with less muscle, raising our resting
metabolic rate (RMR). This last fact is an enormously powerful secret to getting
the body you want.
Just one more pound of muscle added to your body will require an extra 40-50 or
so calories per day to keep it alive. Just think if you add 20 pounds of lean
muscle tissue…you’re automatically burning an additional 800-1000 calories per
day, just sitting on your behind watching TV or at work! And guess what happens
when you’re burning more calories than you need to maintain your current
bodyweight? You have a calorie deficit, and your body begins to shed fat.
In addition, the growth and repair process that occurs following properly
conducted resistance exercise requires large amounts of stored energy in the form
of calories. So know that you’re going to burn even more stored calories and fat
to build your new strength and muscle.

In fact, after your properly conducted
resistance workout is over, your body will use its stored fat for the repair process.

The Power Of Knowledge And Habits


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You can have all of the desire in the world to achieve something, but if you don’t
have the knowledge on how to achieve it, you’ll fail in your goal. Or if you did
somehow succeed by luck, it will have taken a lot longer to get there.

Let’s say that you spend time seeking out the knowledge that will take you where you want to go.
You’re most likely to get some bad advice along the way, delaying your quest.
You’ll probably have to make a few mistakes before you get it right. There are
most likely several ways to get to that goal. But what if someone came to you and
told you exactly what you have to do to reach your goals in the fastest most
efficient way?

As an example, say you wanted to travel across the country from New York to Los
Angeles. Also assume that you hop in your car, glance at a map and head west.
You’re not quite sure if you’re on the right road, but you’re heading in the right
direction. You’ll make a few wrong turns along the way. You’ll have to stop for
directions and ask for advice on how to get back on the road to L.A, several times.
Along the way you’ve burned up a lot of gas, money, and time.

Obviously this is not the most efficient way to make this trip, but this is exactly what many people
are doing in their quest for a better body. They get some initial information from
a so-called expert and then try it out. It doesn’t work, as the info was incomplete,
so they seek out more info to get them on the right track. This puts them on
another strategy entirely (different diet or workout routine) and they end up at
another dead end…then they find someone else to ask for directions.
What if, instead, you were given a road map from New York to L.A. that plotted
out the exact course…what roads to take to get there in the fastest time using the
least amount of gas. What if someone gave you a road map, or the knowledge, on
how to achieve your best body in the shortest amount of time. Wouldn’t that
make both of these trips a lot easier and more rewarding?

Knowledge is powerful, especially with all of the hogwash that is being recommended in the fitness industry.
Armed with the powerful secrets in this book, you will be using a roadmap that
ignites a change in your body and a change in your life…in the most efficient
manner possible!
The knowledge contained within this book is explosive. But it will only be
effective for you if you devour it and incorporate it into your life. One of the big
mistakes many people make in the pursuit of a lean and healthy body is treating
the program they’re using as a temporary plan to get what they want. OK, so let’s
say you get what you want. Then what? The problem is if you approach it this way, you won’t get what you want, because consistency is required if you want to
look and feel the best you possibly can for the rest of your life.
My big advice here is to stop wanting to get in shape and start desiring to get and
stay in shape. Changing your mindset to the latter, combined with the roadmap
in this book, will be like flipping on a light switch in the dark room of your mind.

Total Fat Loss Fitnessfor A Lifetime


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Looking great on the outside is certainly important and an admirable pursuit.
Achieving and maintaining a low body fat level is also a benefit to your

cardiovascular health, which is important so you’re around long enough to enjoy
that body!
Most people who are interested in looking great also want to get healthy on the
inside too. They want to be able to handle simple daily physical tasks with ease
that many take for granted. Things like climbing a flight of stairs at home or at
work, or playing with the kids, or engaging in recreational sports with friends.
They want total fitness, and I’ve got good news for them. The secrets in this book
will give it to them!
Total Fitness can be characterized as:
• Fat to Muscle Ratio: The amount of leanmuscle you carry compared to                 the amount of body fat you carry. It should be obvious you want to carry

less fat and a higher percentage of lean muscle!
• Muscle Strength & Flexibility: The relative strength and flexibility of
all of your body’s musculature, making your movements easier and less
stressful. This also includes the strength of your bones, tendons and
ligaments surrounding the muscles.
• Cardiovascular Endurance: This is the condition of your heart and
related transport systems. Good cardiovascular condition increases your
ability to pump blood to and from working muscles, making you more
efficient at performing physically demanding activities like climbing a long
flight of stairs or participating in a pickup basketball game.
When you achieve total health and fitness with the secrets in this book, it really
will impact your life in every form and fashion. When achieving the type of body
you are proud of, you are also building your mental strength and fortitude. You
will notice it impacting other areas of your life.

You’ll have more energy and find it easier to focus and concentrate in your work
or education. You won’t get a cold or flu nearly as often as before, if at all. You’ll
be able to get through daily tasks and household chores more rapidly. You’ll
enjoy a higher self-esteem and self-image, which leads to a more confident and
successful individual.
You’ll become a stronger willed person, mentally and physically, as you’ll be
battle tested by your workouts. You’ll be happier. You’ll forge long lasting
relationships with others that share your ideals of a healthy body and mind. And
lastly, you’ll enjoy all of these mental and physical benefits for the rest of your
long healthy life. Again, all in just minutes per week. Doesn’t sound too bad,
does it?

How to Lose Stomach Fat


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Many pe-ople are self-conscious a-bout their stomachs. In the age of the bare midriff, a -flat, toned belly has be-come one of the most desirable of attributes. Fat arou-nd the mids-ection is stu-bborn-ly hard to ge-t rid of, but it ca-n be done.


    • 1

      Quit d-rinking alcoho-l. A “beer belly” is laye-rs of fat caused- by consump-tion of more c-alories than you’re- burning off. Al-cohol has a lot of emp-ty calories. T-ry a low-carb or low-calorie bever-age inst-ead.

    • 2

      Wat-ch your diet. Try for -low-fat foods- when possi-ble. Eat m-any sm-all meal-s rather a few large ones. Pract-ice portion control. Fat aroun-d the middle com-es from the sa-me place all the ot-her fat com-es from–your diet.

    • 3

      Find a worko-ut routine that combi-nes cardio, weight-lifting and stret-ching. You ca-n’t really “targe-t your abs,” excep-t for toning- muscle. Fat l-oss occurs throu-ghout the body, and exer-cise is re-quired for buil-ding stre-ngth and- burning c-alories.

    • 4

      Consider- liposuction only as a last resor-t and only if you are will-ing to compl-etely ch-ange your life-style after-ward. Lipos-uction fi-xes the sympt-oms of an unhea-lthy lif-estyle, not the under-lying problem. You’-ll be ba-ck where- you sta-rted if you don’-t change your eat-ing and e-xercise habits.

Lose Fat Fast Pills


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lose fat pills

You think lose fat pils will give you slim body? No, no, no, no! Only hard training will help you! Only when your body will be train, you will lose fat! Pills arent do this for you. Think about this. Go to the gym, lose fat and get ripped! 😉

Fast Fat Burning instruction


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body fat burning

Burn calories. The more you are able to burn calories through physical activity, the more you have a chance to get rid of body fat. The best exercises are aerobic and improve circulation. You can also take care of: jogging, swimming, marching, aerobics, gymnastics and cycling.

One gram of fat is about 3500 Kcal combustion. If you want to lose weight, you must burn approximately 3500 daily Kcal.

Development of muscle tissue. Remember that if you are fat largely depends on how much muscle you have. Men generally have more muscle tissue therefore lose weight faster than women. Healthy fat loss is to replace it in the muscle through regular exercise.